Intersex Day of Solidarity

It’s a little late in the day, but I wanted to recognize #IntersexDayOfSolidarity. 💛💛💜💛💛 Intersex folks get lumped under the trans+ umbrella, even though #Intersexis actually a biological sex, and doesn’t really fit the common definition of “Transgender”. It’s important to be informed; 1.7% of people born world wide are Intersex. That means they have any combinationContinue reading “Intersex Day of Solidarity”

LGBTQ+ Representation in Pop Culture – Part 1

Pop Culture – Part 1 – TV and Movies Youth feel better when they see their intersectionalities represented around them. Let’s admit it, we all feel a little safer in the world when we see successful people in TV and Movies that represent parts of who we are. Whether it’s a Jewish family at ChristmasContinue reading “LGBTQ+ Representation in Pop Culture – Part 1”