About Us

Our SPLASH Mission

To create inclusive, safe, and positive environments for youth who may be at-risk or need a safe space to be themselves; while providing resources to young people who may be at-risk or feel disenfranchised due to their gender identity, expression or sexual orientation. Additionally, contributing support and outreach to the greater Northern Colorado community regarding our vision of Equality and Equity.

Our SPLASH SafeSpace Statement

In all SPLASH spaces youth, volunteers, and staff are expected to respect the confidentiality, identities, names and pronouns of all participants. What is shared in SPLASH spaces, stays in those spaces. Everyone should feel safe exploring their own identities in a space that is respected by all, where mistakes are learning experiences, and judgment of others is not tolerated. SPLASH spaces may be in-person or online. The only exception to confidentiality in a SPLASH space is when there is disclosure of past or present harm or danger regarding oneself and/or another person.

Our SPLASH Non-Discrimination Statment

SPLASH does not discriminate based on race, culture, ethnicity, language, physical or emotional (dis)ability, age (youth services are age-restricted), religion or spirituality, socio-economic status, family status, geographic location, educational status, immigration status, judicial background, dietary needs, HIV/medical status, sex, gender identity, gender expression, romantic or sexual orientation.


Youth Engagement

SPLASH Youth Groups are youth-led and consist of weekly meetups and special events that give LGBTQIA+ youth a safe space to join together for learning about the LGBTQIA+ community. Adding in some fun, we aim to connect with other teens in socially supportive and appropriate settings.

Our groups are primarily youth run, as our SPLASH Ambassadors put together activities and peer support. They use, and are learning, transferable professional, leadership and communication skills through a hands-on approach with often immediate feedback from their peers and guidance from experienced community leaders.

Ambassador Leadership Program

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SPLASH Elementary

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SPLASH Publications

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Recently developed, SPROUT Student Panel, (Students Promoting Re-education, Openness, Understanding and Tolerance) is a student panel provided to professionals who work with youth for a better understanding of the lives, studies and entertainment of queer youth. Email for scheduling options.

SPLASH Families

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SPLASH Youth Groups are a 501(c)3 and depend on your loving and passionate support to continue providing a safe space for all youth.

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